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TED Talks Binging…. again…

How to take a picture of a black hole – Katie  Bouman

3 ways to plan for the (very) long term – Ari Wallach

An intergalactic guide to using a defibrillator – Todd Scott – I want him for my next class!

How radio telescopes show us unseen galaxies – Natasha Hurley Walker

A doctor’s case for medical marijuana – David Casarett

How I learned to read — and trade stocks — in prison – Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll

Science in service to the public good – Siddhartha Roy

What you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s – Lisa Genova

This is what democracy looks like – Anthony D. Romero

A secret weapon against Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases – Nina Fedoroff

How pollution is changing the ocean’s chemistry – Triona McGrath

What I am listenting to this week…..

Great weekend and week catching up with podcasts and picking out those that stand out. I hope you enjoy these as well:

Commonwealth Club – Innovating Women – Kim Polese, Alison van Diggelen, Vivek Wadhwa – great discussion on women in technology and business –

Commonwealth Club – Nick Carr: An Automated World – how technology influences us and what we are doing about it. Does Google make you dumb?

TED – Uldus Bakhtiozina – Wry photo that turn stereotypes upside down – a Russian female perspective.

TED Mac Barnett – exploring and living in creativity and wonder. Watch out! You will be howling in laughter!

TED Avi Reichental – 3D Printing and inventing – making it!

TED Kenneth Cukier – Big data is better data – what is next for machine learning, self driving cars and human knowledge

TED Francis de los Reyes – microbiological techniques in biotech – poop, yup, poop – some fascinating insights!

TED Daria van den Bercken – Handel on the piano – wow – I want to play like this!!!

Science Times podcast – Bill Nye ‘Undeniable’ A fight for the young creationist mind. Go Bill!