Eclipse watchers – join the Eclipse Megamovie – Citizen Science

The University of California at Berkley is leading an effort to coordinate scientists and citizen scientists in gathering images of the sune and its atmosphere, the corona. Volunteers armed with standard photography equipment—a camera, telephoto lens, and tripod—will capture photos of the eclipse as the moon’s shadow passes over their part of the country. Once this huge dataset is collected, it’s Google’s turn. We’ll use our technology to algorithmically align and process the images submitted by citizen scientists to create a continuous view of the eclipse: the Eclipse Megamovie. More on what this effort is:

Eclipse Megamovie 2017 site:

The final movies should be very cool! Add your pics!

Safely watch the eclipse – guidelines here (search “2017 eclipse viewing safety”):

Photographing the eclipse – guidelines here (search “2017 eclipse photographing”):

More Citizen Science sites to contribute to –


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