Voyager Open Data Network (ODN) – single searchable geospatial catalog of global content – FREE

Voyager has pointed their geospatial search tool at free content on internet to create VoyagerODN (Open Data Network) and are now providing us a single searchable geospatial global catalog. Free, but you must enter your email address to access.

If you have issues finding your data – this may be a great solution, especially for geospatial data.

Other using Voyager include BLM Navigator:

About Voyager:   VoyagerODN (Open Data Network) is our public open data portal offering a single, searchable geospatial catalog of global content. Built upon VoyagerTM, the leading spatially enabled enterprise search solution, VoyagerODN provides an online search community to help individuals and organizations to find, share, use and collaborate on a variety of content. Leveraging the best of breed in open source technologies including Solr/Lucene, VoyagerODN allows users to do keyword-related and wildcard searches, easily and quickly discover data, download it, transform it, share it, and much, much more.

The VoyagerODN Community
VoyagerODN was developed to be an ever – evolving, interactive community search portal. Have feedback, questions or suggestions? Have content you would like to see added? Please visit Contribute to VoyagerODN.

Start searching here

Try out something like this:  Administrative boundaries in USA:

Search for Administrative boundaries USA results


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