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Lightning Strike Mapping Resources

Updated July 19, 2017

Laptop/Computer Tools on Top – Mobile Applications Below

  • NIFC Lightning Viewer – lightning viewer web page can view 2-48 hours of data.
  • – free lightning maps and applications – nice web application with apps for mobile devices (Android mostly). Zoom update – IE 11, Chrome, FireFox work with zoom, IE 8 does appear to work. Services here, but requires login/password – seems you can only get this if you have a station. On a mobile device? The link above is optimized for mobile devices. No downloading of data found.
  • –this is the data source for the above web tool. Also has an interface for viewing lighting data.  Turn up your speakers and listen to the world crackle!   Services are available, but password protected for participants only. It doesn’t appear that you can zoom in. Same as above.
  • –has a lightning strikes map – this is also a static map that will not let you zoom in. The interactive map doesn’t have lightning in it that I can see. No downloading of data found.
  • – here you can type in a city name or zipcode (Use GO button to load) and you will get a closer picture of lightning in the area. No downloading of data found.
  • – lightning tracker/radar and more  – subscription fee per month – test it for 2 weeks for free. Requires Java on PC, mobile iOS part of subscription, but not quite as robust.
  • ArcGIS Online – a couple of resources here – no additional testing done.

Mobile Lightning Applications

Apple Applications – 

  •  Lightning Finder – $5.99 subscription, 3 stars, iPad and iPhone – 7 day free trial – displays current lightning strikes in near real time for the 48 states and some beyond. Allows for 1 hour history as well.
  • LiveLightning – FREE, 3 stars, iPad and iPhone – for USA North – you must set this in the setting or you won’t see anything in US – Europe is the default. Nice app – tools all toggle (click to activate, click to undo), tap strike to get date/time info. This is part of the and tools noted above.
  • Flash Boom – Free, 5 stars, iPad and iPhone – calculates distance to lightning
  •  My Lightning Tracker – iOS – Live Thunderstorm Map – watch live, get push notifications.

Android Applications – 

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